Advertisement Request
Dear Exhibitors
In order to improve the quantity and the service of the "Holiday Real Estate Market", the Organizer will make some changes about the catalogue. Also we have some new request for the files of the advertisements from the exhibitors.
    1、Exhibitors no longer need to provide the paragraph of the company introduction, logo, map and films.
    2、Exhibitors can design and confirm the content of the advertisements, according to the requests from the Organizer.
    3、Exhibitor should deliver the CD which include the advertisement file to the Organizer before the deadline.
    4、The requests about the advertisement:
        The file should be AI format (Adobe Illustrator 11.0 or lower version).
        The size of the advertisement:
Inside Full Page
195mm(W) X 258mm(L)
Spread Page
396mm(W) X 258mm(L)
        Converting all the text in the advertisement into lineout.
        Using the CMYK color.
        Please provide a printing copy with the CD.
If the advertisement can not be published because of the problems which are listed below, the exhibitor should take the responsbility.
1、The file is not AI format.
2、The size of the advertisement no fits to the request above.
3、The text content in the advertisement is not converted into lineout.
4、Some special color, which is not included in the CMYK color, is used in the advertisement.
5、The deadline of the advertisement is March 31, 2009.
Holiday Real Estate Market
October 8, 2008                                                                    

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